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●A fuse with a sound alarm that indicates that it has fused is also available.(microswitch can be installed)
●Low-cost cylindrical fuse that is compliant to 1000V.
●It is also effective as a fuse with high blocking performance for systems operating at 400V.


Rated voltage and blocking capacity 1000V AC–100KA
1000V DC (L/R = 3ms)–100KA
Minimum block-off current 1000V AC/DC – 6 times the rated amperage
Maximum arc voltage 2000V
  • 1000GH-100UL
  • 1000GH-400UL

UL standard approved rating

Rated voltage and blocking capacity Same as the standard rating
Rated voltage Rated current Cylinder size(Estimated)
1000V 16~630A φ17×66~
Installation method RoHS Recognition mark
Board soldered

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