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●A fuse with a sound alarm that indicates that it has fused is also available(microswitch can be installed).
●Durable against fluctuating electric current.
●Compliant to all kinds of standards.
●It is also effective as a fuse with high blocking performance for systems operating at 200V.


Rated voltage and blocking capacity 660V AC–100kA
660V DC (L/R = 10ms)–100kA
Minimum block-off current 660V AC/DC – 5 times the rated amperage
Maximum arc voltage 1400V

UL standard approved rating

Rated voltage and blocking capacity Same as the standard rating
  • 660GH-40UL
  • 660GH-315UL

CCC standard approved rating

When applying the standard to CCC standard approved items, use the fuse in the following rating.
※The CCC standard is an option. Enter “TC” at the end of product name when ordering.(e.g. 660GH-200ULTC)

Rated voltage and blocking capacity 660V AC–50kA
450V DC (L/R = 15ms)–50kA
Rated voltage Rated current Cylinder size(Estimated)
660V 16~710A φ17×46~
Installation method RoHS Recognition mark

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