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  • It is available to attach an alarm indicating fuse(microswitch can be installed).
  • It is also effective as a fuse with high blocking performance for systems operating at 200V.
  • It is as the same size as the 660GH series and supports AC 850V / DC 750V.


Rated voltage and blocking capacity AC850V-10kA,
Minimum block-off current 20~40A AC850/DC750V -20Times the rated amperage
50~710A AC850V/DC750V -8Times the rated amperage
Maximum arc voltage 1900V

※Read “FOR SAFE USE” at the back of this catalog before use.

※When purchasing a product with an Alarm indicating Fuse, enter “S” immediately after the ampere rating in the product name (e.g 750GH-100S) .

※The minimum working voltage of the alarm fuse is 10 V.

  • 750GH-075S
  • 750GH-200

UL standard approved rating

Rated voltage and blocking capacity Same as the standard rating.
020~040,450,500 are only“AC”

CCC standard approved rating

When applying the standard to CCC standard approved items, use the fuse in the following rating.

Rated voltage and blocking capacity AC850V-60kA,
Voltage Electric Current Cylinder Size(Estimated)
750Ⅴ(DC), 850Ⅴ(AC) 20~315A φ17×46~
Installation Method RoHS Order Standard Approved

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