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  • 750GHK series is a substrate-mounted fuse, effectively reducing power and space requirements.
    (Suitable for inverter, UPS, power supply use)
  • High voltage (AC850 DC750)
    -Same fuse size as 660GHK series-


Rated voltage and breaking capacity UL recognized: 850V AC-10kA
750V DC-10kA (L/R=2ms)
CCC recognized: 850V AC-50kA
600V DC-50kA (L/R=10ms)
Minimum breaking current 850V AC/750V DC‒8 times the rated amperage
Maximum arc voltage 1700V
  • 750GHK

※Read“FOR SAFE USE”at the back of this catalog before use.
※Fuse should be used less than 50% of their rated current.
※Arc re-ignition may occur if the fusing current is less than 8 times larger than the fuse.
※The power loss and the temperature characteristics are studied using an FR-4 board (one-side board) and a 35-μm-thick copper foil with a copper foil width of 2mm/A depending on the rated amperage (e.g.50mm width for a product rated at 100A).
※Use it at 50% or less of the rated current.

Voltage Electric Current Cylinder Size(Estimated)
750Ⅴ(DC), 850Ⅴ(AC) 50~100A φ17×44
Installation Method RoHS Order Standard Approved
Board soldered