Why our customers choose HINODE?

“HINODE FUSE” products support your safety in your daily life.

HINODE is the only manufacturer specializing in fast-acting fuses for semiconductor protection in Japan.

High quality and provide of products stably

We, HINODE established in 1955 and started production of fuse. And we started to provide fast-acting fuses for semiconductor protection in 1977. At now,we have made esablished with market share by with accumulated knowledge, product groups and customer support that other companies do not have as manufacturer specializing in fast-acting fuses for semiconductor protection.

HINODE fuses are useful in many places.

Many usefull application and experiences that we have.

We are supporting everyone's lives, from industrial equipment such as servo motor drivers and inverters to solar and power storage units that have been gaining attention these days. Our fuses are used in many "power electronics devices", including environment and energy related devices.


Technical support from consider to introduction and after.

It is important points that depending on the best selection of the fast-acting fuse, whether the equipment can be safely protected or not. For that purpose, we have to choose suitable fuses from a lot of conditions. We will propose products that meet the various needs of our customers,and we will help you select the most suitable fuse together.


Made in TOKYO, Certified person registration system and craftsmanship

All of our products are manufactured, final inspected, and shipped inside our company and delivered to our customers. In addition, in important processes, we utilize our craftsmanship, such as being involved only with those who have obtained in-company certification registration.

Highly reliability

Fuse, which is positioned as an important safety component, and our products are extremely important products that protect equipment from short-circuit accidents. We are trying that in order to further improve in-house quality, we will carry out daily improvement activities and aim for a "zero" defect rate.