Achievement / Quality system


Since its initial development over 50 years ago, the Hinode Protect Fuse been refined and perfected to offer high cutoff performance in case of current surges caused by short-circuits etc. The fuse instantaneously and safely limits electrical current (AC or DC). It is used to protect not only SSR and SCR semiconductors, but also in power devices such as Inverter Servo-amps, UPS, Power Conditioners, etc.

The fuse's circuit-breaking capacity is high enough to make it suitable for protecting systems that incorporate high energy-density 2nd-generation batteries and capacitors, and in recent years this area has seen strong sales results.(*)

  • We have created a fuse testing facility where we can quickly develop and test fuses to fit clients' special requirements.
  • Diversified production facilities for reliable, problem free production and delivery.
  • Environmentally friendly and renewable policies.
  • Quality control system that controls, manages, inspects and improves on the above procedures and policies.

Hinode, creating fuses to meet our clients' current and future needs.

*If you would use fuses in this situation that the short-circuit current di / dt = 50 [A / μs] or more, please contact us.

Instructions for fuse installation of each application


Case examples of the optimum fuses for photovoltaic power generation systems

We have sold more than 0.72 million fuses over the past 10 years for photovoltaic power generation systems. ※As of June 2012