Many of our products are certified with the UL safety mark, issued by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

The process for obtaining this certification includes setting safety targets for our products, equipment,raw materials and tools, defining a set of tests that cover these targets, and the actual certification tests themselves. Our UL recognized products are as follows:

  1. 350GHK
  2. 250SF/250SFK
  3. 500SF/500SFK
  4. 400KH/400KHK
  5. 660CF/KH/KHK
  6. 800CF
  7. 750GH
  8. 250GH/350GH
  9. 660GH
  10. 1000GH
  11. 600SPF
  12. 1000SPF

UL Online certifications directory(Link to UL web site)

Fuse UL FILE No.:UL FILE No.E143197
Fuse holder UL FILE No.:UL FILE No.E307401


In cooperation with Kyosan Electric Mfg Co., Ltd., our company was awarded the TUV safety mark by TUV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH.
TUV, an inspection agency approved by the German government, is world renowned for its strict standards as an independent 3rd party inspector.


Some of our products have received the China Compulsory Certification (as known as CCC or 3C).
The CCC mark is the compulsory safety mark that is required for many products to be imported into the People's Republic of China. The certificate is given to products that meet national technical standards in China.
This system is administered by AQSIQ and CNCA.
The following products have been certified for the CCC:

  1. 660CF
  2. 350GH
  3. 660GH
  4. etc...