Our policy in regards to handling personal information

HINODE ELECTRIC CO., LTD. (the "HINODE") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information. The following policy is determined and practiced so that personal information is handled appropriately.

The handling of personal information
HINODE agree to comply with and adhere to all external lows and internal regulations regarding the use and protection of personal information. We will collect, use, manage the information appropriately.
Clarification of usage
The uses of the personal information that HINODE receives will be made clear to the customers. Information will only be used for those appropriate reasons.
The handling of customers' personal information will be the responsibility of a specific staff member. HINODE will work to keep our data updated and accurate. HINODE will take reasonable steps to protect the information from unauthorized inspection, loss, alternation or theft.
In the case that HINODE decide to assign the handling of personal information to a trusted partner, we will select it in a fair and appropriate manner. We will guide and inspect that party to ensure that their use and control of the data meets our privacy policy.
Our commitment
HINODE is committed to ensuring that our privacy policy is upheld and reviewed as necessary.