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●Requires little installation space on substrates.L=22mm
●Also compliant to 400V DC.


Rated voltage and breaking capacity 380V AC–10kA
400V DC –10kA(L/R = 2ms)
Minimum breaking current 380V AC/400V DC – 8 times the rated amperage
Maximum arc voltage 700V

※Read “FOR SAFE USE” at the back of this catalog before use.

※Fuse should be used less than 50% of their rated current.

※Arc re-ignition may occur if the fusing current is less than 8 times larger than the fuse.

※The power loss and the temperature characteristics are studied using an FR-4 board (one-side board) and a 35-μm-thick copper foil with a copper foil width of 2mm/A depending on the rated amperage (e.g. 50 mm width for a product rated at 100 A).

※Use it at 50% or less of the rated current.

  • 350GHK

cUL standard approved rating

Rated voltage and breaking capacity Same as the standard rating

CCC standard approved rating

When applying the standard to CCC standard approved items, use the fuse in the following rating.

Rated voltage and blocking capacity AC350V-50kA
Voltage Electric Current Cylinder Size(Estimated)
380V 50~100A φ17x22
Installation Method RoHS Order Standard Approved
Board soldered

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