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●Large capacity, 1750A
●Square type; capable of being connected with copper bars
●Standard model equipped with function to indicate fusing
●Microswitch can be installed (optional)


Rated voltage and blocking capacity 600V AC–100KA
450V DC (L/R = 3ms)–100kA
Minimum block-off current 600V AC/450V DC – 5 times the rated amperage
Maximum arc voltage 1200V

※Read “PROTECT FUSE USER’S GUIDE” and “FOR SAFE USE” at the back of this catalog before use.

※The minimum working voltage of the fusing indication function is 10V.

  • 600SPF80S
  • 600SPF630S

UL standard approved rating

Rated voltage and blocking capacity Same as the standard rating
Rated voltage Rated current Cylinder size(Estimated)
600V 80~1750A φ30×43×53~
Installation method RoHS Recognition mark
Screwed ◯※